Incorporating Social Responsibility as transversal topic in University curricula

Building synergies among University communities and other societal stakeholders

Project outcomes

  • Learning guide of transversal contents for Socially Responsible Universities: Methodological development of learning package of transversal contents to enrich the students’ curriculum from a socially responsible overarching approach, capitalising on a solid synergy among University students and staff and other societal stakeholders.

  • Guide of a Socially Responsible University to raise the awareness for University insiders and outsiders: Set of awareness-raising actions to be implemented both inside (University staff and students), and outside (enterprises, public authorities, policy makers, schools, NGOs, associations, civil society as a whole) HE institutions.

Moreover, an event will be held in Brussels, Belgium, hosted by project leader Conexx-Europe, in November 2017, close to the end of the project, to showcase and celebrate its outcomes while fostering the partners’ networking with related actors in view of promoting sustainability and transferability of the project results to further universities and organisations.


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