Incorporar a Responsabilidade Social nos currículos universitários como um tema transversal

Criar sinergias entre comunidades universitárias e outros stakeholders de âmbito social


Conexx-Europe is a non-profit association based in Brussels (Belgium) whose mission is to create, sustain and enhance the cooperative relationship between Europe and Latin America.

Conexx is a center associated with the Free University of Brussels. Our main areas of expertise are scientific cooperation, development cooperation and research.With the aim to cover such wide and specific range of areas, Conexx works with a group of specialists with a solid and proven experience in the area and a network of partners in Europe and Latin America.Our collaborators are scientists and professionals in the following disciplines: Development Cooperation, Scientific Cooperation, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Economics, Environmental Engineering, Education, Culture, Literature, Human Resources, Sociology and Law. The common goal that connects our employees is the knowledge and commitment in terms of research and development cooperation both in Europe and Latin America and between them. Conexx-Europe offers a solid experience in projects financed by the European Union and participates in the formulation, management and development of projects by providing value in numerous areas in different stages of the life cycle of the projects. We are specialists in the design, planning and execution of projects. As concerns the presentation of projects financed by the European Commission or other donors, Conexx can bring value added in different stages of the project cycle:

  • Technical services in research and training
  • Formulation and design of projects
  • Management control and monitoring through own tools applied to the management of projects
  • Support in the task of general coordination of the project
  • Support in the design of the monitoring and evaluation tools for the management control
  • Research in the issues addressed by Conexx<
  • Search for partners and creation of competitive and sustainable consortia
  • Actions of lobbying and advocacy with European institutions, international and Latin American organizations and the civil society
  • Communication plan: visibility and dissemination project
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Mr. Alejandro Canto
Avenue Buyl 145, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
t: +32 2 64 98 481


Innovation Training Center, S.L. (ITC) is a private training and research center that provides innovative solutions regarding entrepreneurship, training and R&D+i projects.

We have our operational structure based in Spain, specifically in Andalusia and the Balearic Islands. We keep close relationships with different administrations, research institutes, public research and private institutions at regional, national and international level. Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the entrepreneurship, education and training sector. We provide our clients with real, feasible and profitable proposals. In this frame, we have defined a strategy suitable for different organisations to attract opportunities from those included in the so-called “triple helix”: government bodies, private and public research centres and universities.

Ms. Begoña M. Arenas
Galileo Galilei s/n Edificio U. Oficinav 19. Parc Bit. Palma de Mallorca. Spain
t: +34 696446529


The University of Cadiz, commonly referred to as UCA, is a public university located in the province of Cadiz, Andalusia, Spain. The University's origins lie in the 15th century with the "Colegio de Pilotos de los Mares de Levante y Poniente". Committed to the highest intellectual, moral and cultural standards, our University strives to produce principled and competent graduates. It nurtures a service-oriented and environment-conscious community which seeks to contribute to the advancement of the global society. It is formed by four different campuses where it is possible to study masters and degrees in the following areas of knowledge: Business, Arts and Humanities, Health Sciences, Social and Legal Sciences, Chemistry and Engineering. In the course of 30 years of history, the UCA has strengthened as a reference in the new model of degrees offered and postgraduate studies. The UCA develops its social commitment and engagement at three main areas : Social Participation and Volunteerism; Migration, Intercultural and Development Cooperation; and Attention to Disability. Besides active participation in the activities assigned at the Socially Engaged University Draft Work presented by our Lead Institution, and taking into account that most participants have great experience in Social Responsibility (either at Small and Medium Enterprises and/or Universities) we would coordinate research related to:

  • Assessment of different stakeholders (society, students,  faculty members, administration and services staff) expectations. Analysis of the University formative offer on social engagement.
  • Strategic plans evaluation under the social engagement dimension.
  • Reporting and assessment on university social engagement

Moreover, we have arranged and set up workshops on SMEs social engagement and MProfessional Development – Education for Democratic Citizenship.

Mr. Manuel Larran Jorge
Facultad Ciencias Económicas y Empresariales C/ Enrique Villegas Vélez 11002 Cádiz (Spain)
t: +34 956 015 431
f: +34 956 015 386


ISQ is a private, non-profit and independent technological institution founded in 1965 and actually runs operations in more than 30 countries across the world (EU, Eastern Europe, Africa, Americas and Asia), offering its experience in technical inspections, training activities and consultancy services, supported by transversal research and development activities and by accredited laboratories.

It has a recognized experience in all areas of the training cycle, being presently one of the main national players in the fields of Life Long Learning, including expertise in e-learning/blended learning, professional certification and recognition of knowledge and competencies.

In parallel, ISQ's training department conducts Research and Development activities (R&D), promoting projects with national and international partners, from both public and private sector, aiming at continuous product and process innovation.

Ms. Susana Reis
Av. Prof. Dr. Cavaco Silva, 33 Taguspark. 2740-120 Porto Salvo, Portugal
t: +351 214228100
f: +351 214228120


Militos Consulting S.A. is a unique, dynamic and innovative 360° consultancy firm, with a strong European profile, international experience and many successes and distinctions in the provision of integrated and groundbreaking consultancy services in a wide spectrum of fields, including 360° Information and Awareness Measures, Campaigning and Event Management, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Vocational Education and Training (VET), Tourism, Employment, Culture, etc..

Militos has extensive experience and expertise in mobilising communities, building and activating networks, managing demanding events and large-scale campaigns, designing smart, inventive, high aesthetic and quality promotional material, being the first choice as Communication and Dissemination Consultant for enterprises and (European) bodies. Within the last 5 years, Militos has organised more than 140 multidimensional events with more than 37.000 participants, having received many distinctions for the quality, impact and innovative content of its services and communication activities, including, most recently, 2 european awards (DG AGRI).

With a track record of over 40 EU-funded projects and activities, as leader or partner, Militos has sound experience in project management of large-scale and complex projects as well as in depth understanding of European policies.

An expert in business consulting, mentoring, skills empowerment, social entrepreneurship, VET and interactive e-learning tools and mobile applications across professional sectors, Militos has already implemented or is currently implementing many related projects, such as the project Entreprising Socially of the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency (ADDMA)/Municipality of Athens, providing consultancy services, tools and mentoring to social entrepreneurs, under establishment or starting-up, SESBA on social enterprise skills for business advisers, ICARD on individual career development in higher education, GLEAN on curbing unemployment through learning the job in the agricultural field, VOICE on online business acceleration, I-Skills on innovation skills, IncuVET on entrepreneurship education, KeySTART2Work on transversal competences, as well as the officially recognised best practices Business Mentors (led by Militos), LadybizIT and Mumpreneurs.

Ms. Christina Frentzou
Acharnon 335, 111 45, Athens, Greece
t: +30 210 6772129
f: +30 210 6772116


Vaasa University of Applied Sciences (VAMK) offers education in technology, economics, international business, health care and social services. VAMK’s focus areas are the energy sector and combining entrepreneurship with internationalism. VAMK is a non-profit higher education institution. Read more about VAMK at

The participating unit from VAMK in the Western Finland Design Centre MUOVA. It is a design research and development centre of VAMK. Muova promotes international competitiveness of companies and organisations, runs development projects and processes and applied research, and creates innovative methods using creativity and design. One application and target area for the new method and the activity is education and another is SMEs. Read more about Muova at

Ms. Tanja Oraviita
Wolffintie 30, 65200 Vaasa, Finland
t: +358 207 663 300
f: +358 207 663 628


Innovate4Future - Center for Advanced Educational Solutions is a R&D private center focus on innovation and upgrade of the education systems through the application of advanced technologies and the significance of the new learning paradigms in the emerging knowledge society.

Innovate4Future is active both at national and international level in projects related to advanced learning methodologies based on adaptive hypermedia and intelligent tutoring systems, pervasive computing, observation of education systems, policies and innovation, ICT for Development issues, University social responsibility benchmarking and implementation strategies. Innovate4Future staff has extensive experience with European Commission programmes (eLearning, Leonardo, Socrates, Erasmus, FP6 and FP7, EuropeAid Programmes) and mechanisms being involved in more than 40 EU funded research and E&T projects. Good knowledge of transversal issues related to EC research in the field of E&T (dissemination, sustainability, evaluation, etc.)


Mr. Gabriel DIMA
Str. Dr. Potcoavei nr. 57K, 077190 Voluntari, Romania
t: +40 745989580
f: +40 214024676


Forum TrEES is an international platform on the themes of Education, Employment and Youth founded in Brussels.

Forum TrEES has the aim to create knowledge, methodologies and joint practices on Education and Work enabling the positioning on Latin America and EU’s public agendas of the main debates and recommendations towards the inclusion of the more vulnerable populations (mainly poor youth) into the spaces of formal and non-formal education and into the world of employment.

Our team has more than 25 years of experience in the entrepreneurship, education and training sector. We provide our clients with real, feasible and profitable proposals. In this frame, we have defined a strategy suitable for different organisations to attract opportunities from those included in the so-called “triple helix”: government bodies, private and public research centres and universities.

Its specific objectives are:

  • To promote spaces of exchange on an intercontinental and local scale around initiatives that encourage good-quality employment and educational certifications for the more vulnerable populations (youth, women and adults), as well as to contribute to the promotion of actions of culture and improvement of the standard of living of workers and their respective families
  • To start with the creation of networks connected with Education and Work, on a regional, national and local level, and to support their action
  • To study, deepen and disseminate the experiences produced by the network and its members. To cooperate with all the organizations which pursue similar goals, in close relation with the Founding Act of the Association
  • To promote agreements with public and/or private institutions for the purpose of exploiting the respective experiences in the distinct disciplines to be dealt with
  • To encourage the reproduction of well-established methodologies so as to contribute to the consolidation of the public policies of different regions; to encourage and promote both North-South and South-South cooperation.

In order to achieve those objectives, Forum TrEES conducts the following strategy:

  • Associative and intersectorial work
  • Development and deepening of networks and regional alliances with Europe
  • Creation of an innovative working model between North and South (EU and Latin America) and enhancement of the work on the South-South strategy
  • Production and dissemination of knowledge
  • Alliance with the third sector –the academic sector– enterprises and political decision-makers
  • Appropriate use of ICTs.


Mr. Maximiliano Alonso
Avenue Adolphe Buyl 145, Ixelles (1050)
t: +32 496532206


Sapienza University of Rome is one of the oldest universities in the world and the second largest University in Europe, greatly able to manage its outstanding numbers: 110.000 enrolled students, 11 faculties which cover any kind of scientific and social area with their 63 departments, more than 4.700 professors and researchers and 4.300 administrative and technical staff. It is in every regard a research and teaching University: Sapienza carries out outstanding scientific research in most disciplines, achieving impressive results both at national and international level.

The Research Area of Sapienza is the office devoted to support the research supply chain, from the project idea to its transfer to the productive system. The Area has the objective of scouting funding opportunities for researchers and exploiting the research results through a constant dialogue with territories, public administrations, enterprises and stakeholders at national and international level. Among the major tasks of the Area it is worth mentioning: the scouting of funding opportunities, the mapping of internal competences; the matching for internal and external competences in competitive partnerships; the writing of project proposals; the organization of events for the dissemination of the research results; the exploitation of the research results. Moreover, the Area provides technology transfer services, as well as licensing, IPR and support to entrepreneurship, start-ups and spin-offs.

The Area is also responsible for the organization of scientific communication activities and the participation to think thanks for the completion of agendas and road maps on research policies and RRI at local, national and international level, and it is also involved in crowdfunding initiatives supporting crowd strategies and processes for research and innovation.